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Open Source Initiative

CrosstreeIT is a consumer of free open source software (FOSS). While we do maintain proprietary software, those things that we find uniquely interesting and useful are things that we like to release to the public when we can. These are not second-class products to us, but rather, are libraries and applications that we use every day. As a result, they see support, fixes, and all the other stuff you would expect from closed-source software.

The nice thing is, the public benefits from this. Numerous organizations have done the same thing, though no one has done it quite as well as Twitter - that's our opinion at least. Anyone can modify our publicly available libraries to suit their needs, and they can even contribute back where appropriate. We all benefit.

How do our clients benefit? Well the most important point is that we have nothing to hide. We believe that our software is solid and we're willing to show the world. Our clients benefit from the feedback we get on our libraries, the patches, the fixes, etc. As a result of our Open Source Initiative, our clients receive more stable software, with fewer bugs, and with greater maintainability.

All of our repositories are hosted on Github and can be viewed at http://crosstreeit.github.com.